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Welcome to our school where we "Reach for the Horizon by Caring"

We are a family orientated, rural school 14 kilometres north east of Gore with a diverse community - dairy and sheep farmers, small business owners and their employees, and families who choose a country lifestyle but work elsewhere.

Our values and philosophies are incorporated in our motto and were chosen by the students.










For Ourselves and Towards Others











The strengths and interests of our students are always at the heart of our programming. We like to ensure there is balance in all we do. We encourage students to participate in sporting and outdoor activities including climbing trees, building huts and any other innovative ideas they may have.

There is an annual four day camp for years 4, 5 and 6 to places such as Bannockburn, Pounawea, Te Anau, Stewart Island and Dunedin with a wide range of activities being covered.

Smaller class numbers ensure assistance is available to all our students.

As an enthusiastic enviro-school we have on going programmes within the school and community, which includes replanting of our local Red Tussock Reserve.